Private Live-in Care


What is Private Live-in care?

With Rose Care Services Limited. In private live-in care, a professional caregiver is assigned to reside with your loved one in their home and assist with day-to-day tasks. Your loved one or you will have to decide how many hours of daily care they need.

 A live-in caregiver is always on call as a friend and a source of comfort and care. In an emergency, you can rest easy knowing that your loved one will get help right away. We can generally put together a team of care professionals to provide round-the-clock care for you when you need it and wish to stay in your own home.

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Why settle for Private Live-in Care?

You or your loved one will be paired with a caregiver based on your similar interests and characteristics. A deep sense of trust is developed since we only hire people who are nice, caring, and have a big heart, and who always put the interests of the customer first.

You or your loved one can decide when you think you’ll need help the most and set the carer’s typical hours of work. Your carer will be given time to relax, sleep, and participate in everyday activities at home while they aren’t working.

Get back into the habit of spending time with those you care about.

It’s important to spend quality time with those you care about. Keeping your loved one safe and well is a big job, and that’s okay. Early intervention in the ageing process can really slow the rate of health decline.

Your loved one should be able to stay at home, where they feel most comfortable and where they have fond memories, while family members can rest assured that someone is always there to help.

The duties of live-in caretakers are several.

When you need help with something, they’ll be right there to help you out. To make matters even more pleasant, they’ll be there whenever you need someone to talk to or share fond memories with whilst cooking, watching TV, or reminiscing about simpler times.

What are the advantages of our Private Live-in care?

We’re right in the middle of your neighbourhood, and we’re here to help you in any way we can. Our live-in carers are the closest thing to family that you can have, and they form strong bonds with their patients. They have a minimum of one year of experience and are well-versed in all facets of health care delivery, including the use of specialised support staff as needed. Describe your ideal care professional to us, and we’ll go above and beyond to discover someone that meets all of your criteria. 

Private Live-in care may be right for you.

A common scenario in which live-in care can help you overcome difficulties in the future is when:

  • Degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s call for long-term care. Our carers are ready to help if they notice changes in a client’s health, well-being, or behaviour that need to be looked into.
  • Dementia care: Maintaining daily routines in the comfort of one’s own home is a benefit of living at home rather than in a residential facility. Home care is best for people with dementia because it lets them stay in places they are used to.
  • It can be difficult to adjust emotionally and practically after the death of a spouse. Not just emotionally, but also practically. A caregiver can step in to fill the void left by a loved one who has recently passed away and provide much-needed companionship.
  • Frailty: For many people, becoming older means losing the ability to perform even the most basic of tasks, such as raising a kettle to make a cup of coffee. A person’s quality of life and self-sufficiency can be preserved through live-in care for the elderly.
  • Unexpected illnesses and occurrences: Your loved one may be vulnerable to incidents that require immediate care, such as a fall or a sudden sickness. As a result, you or your loved ones will be relieved of stress.

What follows?

To begin the process, contact us to set up a care consultation. This is where we learn about your circumstances and explore choices for you that might best meet your loved one’s needs.

Send us your contact information and we’ll send a care manager to your loved one’s house to meet with you and any other family members to discuss what kind of care you think you need.

If you’ve never heard of live-in care, you’re not alone. That’s why we want to get down with you and go over all of your alternatives before making a suggestion based on your specific situation.

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