Companionship Care

Did you know that?

According to Age UK, nearly a million individuals in the UK go for more than a month without contacting anyone. Loneliness and isolation are not only significant concerns; they have also been linked to health problems such as depression, sleep disorders, hypertension, stress, and mental health problems.

We at Rose Care Services Limited believe that no one should feel lonely or alone, which is why we developed our companionship care service. Companionship carers from Universal Resolutions Ltd can really brighten your or a family member’s day. Our carers come by on a regular basis or as needed.

They will become a familiar, welcoming face, spending quality time with you or your loved one and providing understanding and interesting conversation.

How can our companionship team assist you?

Here are some common things that our companionship carers can do with you, a family member, or a friend:

  • Going to the bank or collecting a pension
  • Purchasing food, clothing, or other items
  • Conversing over a cup of tea
  • Engaging in crafts or hobbies
  • Escorting to a community centre
  • Assistance with public transportation
  • Transportation for doctor’s, dentist’s, and hospital appointments
  • Where appropriate, encourage and assist with exercise.
  • Utilising a mobile phone, television remote control, or computer
  • Settling bills and comprehending financial papers
  • Obtaining funding assistance when claiming benefits

Who benefits from companionship care?

You or a loved one may be surrounded by friends and family but still feel lonely, or there may be no one around. Whatever the circumstance, one-on-one time provides numerous advantages.

Perhaps you or a friend or relative feels isolated and wishes to develop new connections but lacks the courage to attend a new friendship or hobby group on your own. A companionship care assistant could assist in locating local clubs and then attending them as well.

Don't hesitate to contact us today to learn more about how Rose Care Services Limited can assist you or to get answers to any questions you may have!